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Nicholl McGuire

Love Poetry by Nicholl - Happy Valentines Day!

February 11 2014, 06:47am

Posted by Nicholl

For years now, I have shared my love poetry at Love Poetry by Nicholl.  I used that blog site as a way to free myself of good as well as bad memories of love in an effort to move on with life.  I must admit that it works!  You can receive peace of mind when you share personal feelings.  Although you might find it awkward at first, with enough writing, you won't agonize over past regrets or dwell on the "what ifs" of lost love.

I enjoy writing poetry.  I sometimes hear melodies in my head before I write.  There is something special about writing poems.  Take a walk with me at Love Poetry by Nicholl and appreciate what you got while you still got it!

Stay blessed.

Nicholl McGuire

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