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Nicholl McGuire

3 Places on the Web for Videos/Audio I Like...Howcast, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio

January 13 2014, 07:00am

Posted by Nicholl

When talking with people about a wide variety of subjects, I find myself referring them to the following websites including my own blogs and videos.  You might find these useful depending on your needs.

1.  Howcast - great place to learn how to do things visually.  Very professional videos and easy to understand.  Each video tells you what you need in advance.

2.  YouTube - in addition to silly entertainment, they have good audiobooks and documentaries that the public has uploaded including my very own life experience channel:  nmenterprise7 

3.  Blog Talk Radio - insightful podcasts, music programs.  Here are a couple by friends of mine, one about marriage and the other with gospel music and interviews.

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