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Nicholl McGuire

Hardcover with Image Wrap Books

October 21 2013, 16:28pm

Posted by Nicholl

I posted this video for those who have purchased books from me in the past.  When I send links out, you have options of what type of book you would want to purchase from me.  The representative at Blurb, featured in this video, explains in detail what Hardcover Image Wraps look like.  This way you can get an idea of what you want before it arrives.  Thanks as always for your support!  Below are links to my books on Blurb.  (Please note: family books are not available for public viewing, you will have to contact me if you are a relative in order to review.  As always, I have a limit to how long I am making family related books available.)  Click the links below: 


Floral Beauty on A Dead End

Spiritual Poems by Nicholl


My Business Plan

What Can I Say About My Job?

My Prayer and Fasting Journal

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