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Nicholl McGuire

More Tidbits about Working from Home

September 19 2013, 08:07am

Posted by Nicholl

Increase Your Social Presence

There is the person you are offline and then there is the person you are online or maybe you are simply the same both on and off. But whoever you are, you have got to promote your product and service in such a way that people can connect with you in a personal way depending on what you are selling.

When I sold Avon, I got many sales because I made myself available to the public. I introduced myself through word of mouth, fliers and other traditional forms of advertising. Rather than just sell a product, you are selling yourself! What is it about you that makes you different? If I am seated in your presence, what am I going to come away with that is memorable and will make me want to get to know more of you?

Sometimes I used my mother side, my wife side, my "back in the day" side, etc. depending on the day, time, season, connection to sell a product or service for not only myself, but those I worked for too.

My biggest sales came from those who could connect with me. You have to ask yourself, "Who am I online when I am at this forum, hub page, social networking site, etc.?" People can help you determine that based on how many page views, likes, comments and more you are receiving for your best work, experience, stories, etc. Find out who you are and the rest will follow!
Start by increasing your social presence.

Learn more here.

Writing from Home and Getting Paid is Legitimate

I have personally wrote from home and received extra cash to pay some small bills since 2007. I was skeptical at first, but realized very quickly there was potential to make money writing from home if I stuck with it.
I started searching the Internet looking for paid writing gigs. I visited forums, blogs and other places where people either sang praises about certain companies or cursed about them.
So start with forums, then type in your keywords in search engines and then visit some writers' blogs for further insight.

Learn more about my writing experiences and resources on this blog, Nicholl McGuire.

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