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Nicholl McGuire

Something to Think About...

December 12 2012, 10:58am

Posted by Nicholl

You learn a lot about relationship, family, health, wealth, business, and more when you ask questions.  Now I know for some of you reading this, what I just said was simple—too simple.  But are you doing it?  Are you really setting aside time out of your day to meet, not only with your team at work, but what about those who are going through trials and asking questions?  What about an unhappy, stressed partner, do you really know what is going on with her or him?  Do you make time to research issues about your finances and children?  Why is Johnny acting the way that he is?  Why do I keep coming up short when it comes to paying bills?   

Honestly, how much time does one really spend interviewing self and those closest to him or her compared to television watching, radio listening, cell phone talking, etc.?

We have all been guilty of neglecting children, partners, tasks at work, and more for a period of time or for some weeks and worse years!  We usually play catch up when we are left with no choice.  You will make the doctor’s appointment when the pain gets bad enough to make you go.  You usually want to sit down and talk with someone when they start making verbal threats.  You will find the time to teach and play with a child when there is no one else in his or her life who cares like you do, when grades are suffering, or when the temper tantrums become frequent.   

Oh we will make the time when our backs are up against the wall, won’t we?  

Motivation to do what’s right, to ask the right questions, to make the hard decisions, among other things, come in ways we like or don’t like, but it comes.  You will do what you are putting off sooner or later!  One day, you will have to come to face with an enemy of sorts that will demand that you make a decision, act on an issue, or bring peace to a situation.  Now how you react when your test comes is another story.

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