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Nicholl McGuire


December 21 2012, 06:24am

Posted by Nicholl

Keeping with my last blog entry regarding social media giant, Facebook, I came across this interesting link about Twitter.  It looks like everything you ever said would be available for you to check out in the future.  Beware liars!

Also, I took the following statement out of the link, I think this sums it all up:

"In 2010, the Library of Congress pledged to preserve every public tweet as a matter of record — a significant undertaking, given that some 400 million tweets are dispatched worldwide every day."

Did you know that they did this back then?  I don't believe this was on every front page newspaper, advertised anywhere, or a main topic on your favorite Internet browser.  Most likely was buried somewhere behind some irrelevant celebrity gossip. (sigh)


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